DA offers end-to-end Leasing tailor-made Solutions to our partners; our leasing department delivers, ensures all legal, financial and business implications are assessed, validated and addressed for any new leases and lease renewals and that is communicated between approval authorities. DA is able to furnish your requirements wither your requirement is Housing, Vehicle or Equipment.

Leasing - Housing

DA provide completely furnished housing/lodging space for our clients workforce in commercially zoned, safe and secured facilities in Kuwait.
The facilities are proposed to provide a quality, safe, and affordable living environment for your workforce.
The properties we offer includes fully equipped Gym, with Cable TV Services, Wireless internet, Additional services that we can accommodate are 24/7 maintenance for entire the premises, cleaning service for entire premises, cleaning crew that are trained in cleaning methods and techniques to properly and satisfactorily maintain the facilities on a day-to-day basis during working hours.
Our facilities contracts, utilities and services are in compliance with all Kuwait and /or international standards and regulations.
We assure you that all of our facilities are modern, healthy, comfortable, durable, aesthetically-pleasing, and easily accessible

Leasing - NTV

DA owns a wide selection of fleet of vehicles for leasing for our partners day to day operations. Depending on your needs we provide vehicles such as Sedans, SUV’s (large & medium 4x4), Pickup Trucks, Cargo vans and Passenger vans to support your Operation, on Short and Long-Term Service Contracts. All leased vehicles have valid registrations and full comprehensive insurances in accordance with all Kuwait Traffic Department laws and regulations.
Our leased vehicles comes with comprehensive vehicle support program including 24-hour accident assistance, 24-hour roadside assistance, and replacement vehicle during routine maintenance or repair periods, and full comprehensive insurance coverage.

Leasing - Equipment

DA focuses on the rental needs of a wide range of industries; our Leasing Equipment includes Power Generators, Temporary Buildings and Sanitation. We also are able to provide with you Material Handling Equipment on Short/Long term basis with / or without driver/operator and scheduled service and maintenance according to your project need. DA provides all labor, material, equipment, transportation, insurance, supervision, permits, supplies, documentation and any other requirements necessary to deliver the leased equipment.